An OCEANUP Interview with Nina Nesbitt

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"Hi! Would you mind helping me and posting this? I've got 4 tickets for Nina's show in Amsterdam next sunday. I cannot go anymore but I'm selling them for 10 euros per ticket. If anybody's interested, contact me! xxx Franka"
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Favourite lyrics from Peroxide (Part I)

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"The first venue I played in Glasgow was Beanscene and it was about 80 people in a cafe and that was a year and a half ago. So to see how it’s grown with each show to that one to 300 people to 500 then to 1300 has just been quite a special thing."

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Taking pictures of myself, self, self, guess I’m reaching out to be assured…all I wanted was to be adored.

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this is desperation at its best 

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”@ninanesbitt Something I learnt today. Black mascara does not look good on eyebrows. Not sure what came over me.”

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I wrote this track with my bassist when we were discussing how when people feel a bit low about themselves they often take pictures of them looking happy, feeling good, out with friends or doing cool things. Then posting them online to perhaps make themselves feel better. I’ll put my hands up and say I’ve done it myself. Some people would call it attention seeking and immature, others would say what’s the harm in trying to feel good about yourself?” - Selfies

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What can be dangerous, unpredictable, invisible? What can turn dark to light, burn and leave marks? above all what has admirable strength? - Peroxide (17/2/14)

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18 Candles at Oval Space

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Hey Guys! So this is my first 'follow forever' :) It's not really a follow forever because I wanted to include all active Nina blogs. Most of these blogs are mainly Nina or Nina/Multifandom! I hope I didn't forget anyone - that would be awkward but if you're an active Nina blog just message me and I'll add you to the list! All these blogs are amazing and you should follow them! - Nessbits xx










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Aww :’) thank you love

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